When you arrive, the first thing we do is numb the skin so your appointment will be fairly painless.  This must sit for at least 20 mins.  During this time we will go over all paperwork and answer any questions you may have.  We will then draw and consult with you your desired shape.  Because of this, consultations are part of your appointment and are not offered separately.

The microblading procedure consists of applying Pigment in Natural Hair like strokes with the use of State of the Art Microblading blades and tools. Every strand of hair is precisely applied. With hair like strokes the effect of a Natural Fuller look is achieved. The right pigment is custom blended to match your look. Because every strand matters, we take time applying the pigment strand by strand with diligence and care. The entire process can take up to 2 hours.

The Ombre procedure applies the pigment in a powder like fashion using micro needles, not microblades. The procedure applies a perfect Ombre Makeup effect that will not wash away. The beginning of the brow starts natural and bright and darkens through the tips of the tail of the brows giving that perfect light to dark look.

Ombre + Microblading (Combo brows) is the perfect combination. Microblading provides the Natural look and shape with hair like strand by strand strokes and the Ombre darkens the brow and adds the make up or Ombre make up effect by applying the pigment with micro needles in a powdery effect and shape.

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